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Starter motor replacement on a 911SC

Stew F

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Per my post in the Aircooled section about my starter packing up on the trip home from the Bathurst 12hr recently, here's a run down on the replacement.

So after 2 weekends of mucking around with the car I finally have it running again.  I pulled the starter motor off the car. What a job. Someone had replaced the top barrel nut with a nyloc nut. Near impossible to get off, but I eventually managed it.  The bottom one was a piece of cake.

I stripped the starter motor down and gave everything a good clean. The contacts, commutator, and all the windings checked out ok. But the solenoid was dead as a dodo. I reassembled it all and gave it a fresh coat of paint in readiness for a new solenoid. 

I looked for a new solenoid everywhere, but the cost  locally was ridiculous. Nearly $300, whereas in the US and UK they were around $70. As a matter of interest, a new Bosch starter motor in Australia is over $2000, and that's not from Porsche. Talk about a ripoff. So then I started looking into gear reduction starters. I phoned RSR Sportscars in Edwardstown. They have them for $560. So I ordered one, but it had to come from the supplier.

Unfortunately the supplier didn't have one in stock, but RSR had one that they had used on their race car for half a race meeting, so I grabbed it at a discounted price. You can't tell it's been on a car.

The only problem I found with it was it had a female plug where the start wire goes, and no 2nd terminal for the wire to the cold start relay. So I fashioned an adapter loom for it. The start and cold start relay wires just join together.

So today I installed the new starter, plugged it all in, turned the key, and away she went.  Happy dayz.

Degree of difficulty - 6/10. Only because I don't have a hoist. 

Next job is installing new rear brake pads. 

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Nice work, fitted one of those starters to my old car, you will like it....

Bought another to replace the factory starter on  my new car from Clint @ Rebel Racing, they retail for USD250


They save a lot of weight and work really well with the little AGM batteries (more weight savings)

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