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WTB SC bits


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Hey All,

Looking for a few things for a ‘78 SC if anyone has them and wants to part with them:

- Front spoiler / skirt

- Complete tool kit

- Spare wheel air compressor 

- Drivers side cabin light

- Front strut brace

I believe I missed some of these just the other week, but if anyone looking to move some stuff on .... message me. 



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Ok ... update. Have sourced front spoiler, so don’t need that, but do need the bracket / fittings if anyone has them floating around?

Have also sourced front strut brace, but need brackets to attach. Might be making these custom.

So ... essentially still looking for:

- front spoiler fittings / brackets

- complete tool kit

- air compressor

- drivers side cabin light

- front strut brace brackets


Also looking for :

- 16x9 Pair of Fuchs

- ‘78 stamped Momo Prototipo 370mm


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