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PCNSW Super Sprint No 2 ( front engine 951's do OK )

Buchanan Automotive

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Yesterday , Wakefield Park , Goulburn NSW ,very early start to the day because we leave from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to get to Wakefield by 7.00 am , which means cars ready & packed up with whats needed the night before & up at 2.45am to get on the road by 3.30 am , meet up at a rendezvous point at Frenchs Forest with other Porsche club members and drive 2 hours to Sutton Forest( Maccas) for brekky from there to Wakefield , its about the only time of day you can get out of Sydney without being jammed in a traffic snarl .

Perfect motorsport weather at Wakefield Park , 11 deg cel early morning with mild overcast conditions but dry , excellent Turbo conditions , good turn out of 61 competitors with a good selection of this century & last century Porsche cars ( lots of GT3's) ,during the morning sessions quite a few competitors slid off the track due to cool track conditions & dirt etc blown onto the track from the wind etc 

Sean & I could only stay until lunchtime ( other commitments in Sydney ) so Sean Buchanan in his 1986 951 3.0L 16V  ( 944 Turbo ) had only two track sessions to get a good time , but watching Sean in his 951 & Mark Bloxham in his 944 Turbo (friend & customer of ours), both in the same speed group ( speed group 1 ), Mark Bloxham in his Mexico Blue 1986 3.0L 8V battled it out on the track with Sean in both track sessions , they were not trying for good track times , they were having fun ( at high speed ) & with Wakefield being a smallish track , overtaking is only possible in a couple of spots & with 10 or so cars out on the track at one time , trying to get a good lap time is not easy , but with other Porsches to overtake its a lot more fun & makes for much more interesting in car video footage 

Sean in his 32 year old ( way outdated ) Porsche 944 Turbo road car with road legal "R" spec tyres came 5th in all the outright fastest Porsche placings on the day in regards to all the GT3's , including a GT3 Cup car with racing slicks , the 944 Turbo was by far the fastest road going Porsche that drives to work 6 days a week at the track yesterday , below is the top 20 Porsche cars places for the day & the times are very tight in the top 8 places 


991 GT3 RS 4.0L           1.04:1670

991GT3 RS 4.0L            1.04:3580

997 GT3 Cup Car           1.04:5010  ( on slicks )

991 GT3 RS 4.0              1.04:8080

944 Turbo 3.0 16V E85   1.05:0270 ( Sean Buchanan )

997 GT3                          1.05:1100

996 GT3                          1.05:1610

944 Turbo 3.0L 8V  E85  1.05:1980  ( Mark Bloxham )

GT3RS 4.0

981 GT4

991 GT3


991 GT3

981 GT4

981 GT4

997 GT3

981 Cayman

987 GT4

987 Cayman

987 Cayman

Great effort for a pair of road registered 32 year old ( heavy ) 944 Turbo road cars , could you imagine what these cars would be capable of if there were able to shed 300 Kilos of weight , because as compared to a track dedicated professionally built race version of the 32 year old 944 Turbo (  951), thats what Sean's car is carrying around in extra road car weight 

Many thanks to all the volunteers who turned up at Wakefield , without you fantastic help there would be no Porsche car club Super Sprints 

Bruce Buchanan
Buchanan Automotive 


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