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Tyre air pressure and other quandaries...


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Hi All,

Since most of us have pretty similar cars, I was wondering if I could get your recommendations about air pressure, in particular, for track use. (17" x 8" & 9", "R" rated Potenzas)

I was once told that 34psi rear and 32 psi front was the go, by a serious track competitor at the club. Another recommendation was to increase your road psi by another 8 psi, and that would be perfect for the track once they warmed up (42+psi!?!?!). Another recommendation for a slower motokhana day was to go into the high 20's... I realise that there is no exact psi for all situations, and that monitoring, and testing different psi's for different tracks, and ambient temperatures is advisable, however what I'm looking for is a "baseline" recommendation. 34/32psi seems to work OK for me, however this is what forums are about - opinions...



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