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Steering 992 > 991.2


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Test drove a 992 recently, in between driving a few 991.2s

Amazing difference in steering feel for the better in the 992.

Seems like they have sorted the electric steering.

Was considering a second hand 991.2 over a full priced 992 - might have to save the pennies until i can get into a 992 now.

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On 31/05/2019 at 08:24, 911virgin said:

how was the 992 overall, far better than the 991.2? and how does it compare to your 997 T?


what was the issue with the electric steering?

992 overall was incredible - expensive though, the one i specced up was about $350k drive away

Yes, the drive was markedly different than the 991.2 - specifically steering feel and balance (992 has the engine mounted further forward, aiding turn in and balance)

Completely different to the 997 Turbo

The electric steering in the 991s doesn't feel as nice as the revised version in the 992. They have improved this a lot IMO

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