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WTB Datsun Fairlady Roadster

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My mate is on the hunt for a Datsun Fairlady Roadster.
They don't come up too often.  There's currently one on Facebook in Melbourne and another yellow one at Kollector cars in sydney.

Told him I'd put some feelers out for him, since I've come across all of my favourite cars with wanted ads!

If you know of something that is or might be for sale that isn't either of the two above, I'd been keen to hear and pass on the info!

He's in Melbourne, but can make interstate work for the right car.


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AdRock...I used to have one (2000 sports) and belonged to the Datsun Sports Roadster Club of Vic  www.dsrcv.com.     Also Lou Mondello who is a committee member, and is also the guru (probably the only one) in Aust.   He has a workshop down a little laneway in Wren road, Moorabbin (near PEDDERS) with Roadsters all over it, in various states of repair.   Can't find his phone number unfortunately but he restores them for people all over Aust.   He is a regular at DAK DAK so the blokes there may be able to give you his phone number.   He has a captured business and does not work any specific hours in his workshop, just when he feels like working.   Don't let that put you off.  He knew everything there is to know and where every roadster in Aust is.   Great mechanic on those cars.

If I can find his number I will add to the post.

Great cars, 124 mph when they came off the production line (2000 Roadster)

Good luck with they hunt 

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2 minutes ago, AdRock said:

Thanks Niko.

He already has a couple of Datsuns - and I believe he knows Lou and has chatted with him previously. Although, I will suggest he hit him up again for some leads.
Cheers for the message! :)

Your mate looking for the Roadster isn't a Tony is it?

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Just to continue on a bit.  My mate Tony, has been chasing one also, a few years ago he actually purchased one sight unseen from the states.

Photo's were great, certainly needed a little bit of work, but overall sounded like a good deal.   

WRONG.   Car finally arrived and when we got it back to the garage, found the chassis had actually rusted and the body wasn't all that flash.   In the end he still has it and is contemplating restoring it still....but in the meantime also keeping an eye out for a P510 SSS or another Fairlady/Roadster if one pops up.   

Both Datto's scarce as rocking horse poo unfortunately.

I really wish I had have kept mine.

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I've contemplated many times about buying a car sight unseen and have always managed to talk myself out of it. For the exact reasons your mate Tony found himself in.

We actually went and looked at a Roadster the other night here in Melb - guy was asking 22k ono. He kept saying that it needs to go.
We assessed the car - it's had a partial respray, reasonable amounts of rust and surface rust, battery tray needed replacing, what appeared to be black oil shooting out the exhaust. Didn't run that great. We basically thought that he was asking too much for what it was. Despite my best recommendations to the contrary, my mate who was still interested (fairlady is his dream car)  he still made an offer. Quite reasonable offer, I thought - given rust and work required to bring it up to scratch but the guy barely budged. I understand that it was his pride and joy, but I think he needed to be more realistic about the value of the car.  

Especially given that he started at 28k and a few months later is down to the 20k ball park.

After that, my mate was a bit gutted - but he's decided to get serious on his hunt!

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ok that opens up the field a bit.    

2000 obviously the preffered IMO 

Hopefully if he gets in touch with Lou, he will point you in the right direction.

Good luck with the hunt.   If I hear of anything 1600ish I will let you know.

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