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944/ 924 cup holders (new unused) from Only944.

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Hello All,

I have a new & unused/ fitted set of cup holders that I ordered from Only 944.  They're great but I accidentally ordered 2 sets so one has to go.  They are the "soft" type that slip under the centre console & sit either side.  Five minute install.  Fold flat & unobtrusive when not in use.  I use the set in my car all the time.  Holds various size types of receptacles.  I used it today on a very spirited drive for several takeaway coffee cups - perfect.  Happy to text you some photo's.  I'll try & attach some here - (stock photos off web).  I think they were about $30US when I bought them plus postage.  Only 944 aren't reflecting the price on their website at the moment.  Let's say $30 AUD plus $5 postage.





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