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996 Drivers seat won't lower or raise


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My drivers seat lower and raise failed some time ago and i have been putting up with it instead of fixing it. 

Yesterday i decided to have a look and see what the problem was. When i pushed the button to lower or raise i could hear the motor spinning just no action. I discovered there are 3 motors on mine that operate the powered seat, one for forward/reverse, one for tilting the seat and the other to lower/raise. Two motors are located on the left side rail and attached straight onto the gear mechanism, these are for tilt and forward/reverse.


What i don't understand is why the other motor is located near the right side seat rail and then a cable is used between the motor and gearbox instead of being attached like the other two motors. From looking at the setup there is enough space to run it the same way as the other two motors.

My advice is when lowering/raising the seats in your car, stop pushing the button when it reaches it's upper and lower limit otherwise this looks like it twists the drive cable excessively and it will eventually fail. It looks similar to an old style speedo cable with the squared off ends.



My seat was stuck in a raised position and was a bit high for me so as the cable was broken a bit of ingenuity was required to lower the seat. I tried spinning the cable with my fingers but it would have taken me hours to lower so there was only one answer, attach the cordless drill.


I hope this helps someone else if they have the same problem.



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