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Boxster Calipers Fronts


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I realise you may have legitimate reasons to go with Boxster calipers and adaptors. During my research into them before buying brakes for mine I found that they offer very little in the way of an “upgrade”, particularly their thermal capacity as the discs remain quite small.

The end result is that they look better but don’t perform significantly better because they are known to overheat. I ended up with 996TT/GT3 4 piston calipers front and rear with adaptors and factory discs which will require a similar master cylinder upgrade to the Boxster option. 

Look up “Instant-G 911 brakes” for the what I’m referring to, you can buy just the adaptors and source used parts here. It’s what I would’ve done had I not found a complete set in the US at a good price, shipping is prohibitive though so buying just adaptors would likely be cheaper.

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11 hours ago, GO911 said:

Thanks Lukas. How did u go with wheel clearance? I may be running 15 inch Fuchs 

As I said, you may have legitimate reasons to go that route but that really limits you on size. I can understand why you’d want to keep the 15’s though.

I’ll be running 18’s so 330mm Mk1 GT3 discs won’t be a problem for me.

Some calipers for sale here, did you see it?


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