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Replacement 1989 911 cabriolet roof

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I have a 1989 911 cabriolet and want to replace the cabriolet roof, which is dark blue. Has anyone had experience with the various cabriolet roofs available online, as there are so many to choose from? I am keen to buy one which looks like the factory version.  I am in Sydney, so also happy to take any recommendations on a motor trimmer who is good at fitting the new roof. Thanks. Richard

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I'm going to be no real help here, but I'll comment anyway. :)

I purchased one a few months ago to replace my 1983 911 soft top.

I ordered it from ebay from these guys:

I got it during one of ebay's 10% off sales, which meant that I got it pretty cheap.

I haven't actually opened the box as yet, as I'm still getting the engine and transmission sorted.

I did a lot of research and found that most of them came from 2 or 3 different manufacturers, even the ones you buy here in Australia. Everybody else seems to just be a re-seller.
The ebay guys got lots of good reviews and I determined that their top was from one of the big manufacturers (can't remember which one sorry).

The challenge is not finding someone reputable and reasonably priced to install it.  So far estimates have been around the $1000 mark.

Good luck!

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