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Tassie Tyre Muster - got any oldies or loaners 17's


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Im looking to try some tyre sizes on another classic im building and have to mod my three piece wheels that were 315 and 10 inch rims being reduced to 8 inch.

I can do it on paper and with the math but I really wanted to try some tyres for look and visual assessment of the stance 

Does anyone in tassie have any old or screwed tyres?  My car dude is in Devonport but i can arrange collection etc..

I have exhausted discussion with Launceston and Devonport tyre shops thus far as they just dont have any volume of old tyres in 17s in general going through their shops.

Im loathed to just go buy new tyres  that firstly are a guessing game and that will sit whilst the car will continue what might be another 1-2 year process but aching to get it in its wheels to roll it around.

Im looking at 275 , 265 or the 255 x 8's   and open to try any profile 40,45,50,55,60

Thanks.. I promise not to tyre kick whatever you have too hard 



PS If you think their have been some wide body/arch conversions done in the Porsche world that people should be locked up for .. this is the ultimate abusive of english metal .. and now you can see why I have the change going down 


2016-05-04 15.23.44 copy.jpg

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16 minutes ago, TwoHeadsTas said:

Mate, I'll check with my mechanic, he usually has a shitload floating around, but may be mainly 18's or 19's - will see what I can find, and also post on club FB group for you

Thanks appreciate it 


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