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Free : Porsche Child Seats


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I have a pair of these Porsche child seats I got ages ago from someone on the forum.

I have no need for these anymore, and can't find any takers to buy - giving away free.  It would be a shame to toss them in landfill but that's where they are headed with no takers.  I am space challenged and can't be a museum unfortunately.

The good : these are genuine porsche kids seats that fit into the back of an aircooled 911 (and probably other ones as well).  You can also remove the backs and just use the base as a booster.






The bad :

These are not ADR approved boosters - there's no sticker on them.  I believe they came in from the UK at some point.  Also, one of them is missing a bit of the foam in the corner under the cover. Doesn't really affect function as the side bits are there.   And the covers themselves are loose because the elastic perished in storage.  Still works ok but for that fresh look a clever sewer would need to sew in some new seam elastic.

What can you do with them?  Not sure.  But I need them gone.  Yes my kids used to sit in them for short trips to/from school or the shops.

Located Sunshine Coast QLD - can deliver Northside Brisbane

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