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Trouble shooting why exterior mirrors don't work


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Hi all. I am trying to identify why neither the left nor right exterior electric mirrors on my 1981 924 Turbo work.

At the control switch in the driver's door I have 6 wires, as follows:1

A) Brown. This is a direct permanent ground connection.
B) Brown. This is also a direct permanent ground connection.
C) Black/Purple. This is 12v+ with ignition on (zero v with ignition off)
D) Blue. ????
E) White. ????
F) Green. ????

Of course there is also the mirror selection switch with three wires (green, Blue and Black). I am not at this stage concerned with the selection switch. I can toggle that when testing if necessary.

What I want to do is bridge certain pins (above) to see if I can get either motor to do anything at all, to try to eliminate failure of both motors or at least to try to chase the cause of the problem to a particular part of the circuit. And if the motors are ok I want to do testing without killing them.

I have ordered a Haynes 924 Turbo manual, that has yet to arrive. Have searched other threads too.

Suggestions / advice / assistance etc all most welcome


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Been a while, but pretty sure you can put 12v to the blue/white/green wires as they control up/down/left/right


In my experience, it is typically the switch (joystick) on the door

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Dave, I had a similar problem on my early 944.

There are 6 wires of which 2 are for the mirror heater, 2 for the motor and 2 for the solenoid. I got hold of the wiring diagram included in that Rennlist link above but the colours were different. I found that you can open up the motor mechanism and the one I had problems with, the issue was the solenoid. A fork had displaced itself.

The connection plugs in the door are a real problem as the pins are hard to remove and they were very corroded. I replaced them with Deutch plugs.

If you are testing in situ you need the centre toggle switch connected.


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Thanks Jaffar. I will let it all percolate for a few days while I do other stuff, and will spend that time really getting to thoroughly understand that part of the wiring diagram.

I've been spending time today getting front bumper : mudguard gaps right. RH side is spot on I think. LH side is acceptable, maybe another 1-2 mm of adjustment required.

It will be a couple of weeks before I can return to this project, by which time my new carpet should have arrived.




And thanks P-Kay too for the wiring diagram. I have four toggle switches to choose from, 2 new, 2 used. No luck with any of them. So I think the problem is elsewhere, unfortunately.




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