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Classic vehicle warranties

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I'm not sure a provider would be able to price all the risks associated with a warranty, brand by brand and model by model.  Throw in the complications with NLA parts and the variable conditions of vehicles greater than 30 year old and I reckon the policy exemptions would be extensive or the premium would be eye watering....actually most likely both!

Developing a long term relationship with a good and trustworthy mechanic might be a better a bet.  Or exploit the simpliciity of these old cars and do it yourself.

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Agree that the scarcity/speciality of these vehicles is several degrees higher than modern counterparts. Along with vehicle pre-existing wear/condition, the risk of failures can be high for insurers.

However personal insurances are still offered to those deemed high risk, albeit with sky high premiums and deductibles. I feel that there would still be a market for this given the peace of mind/drivability it can offer. Plus it could possibly add to the cost base of the vehicle when selling - reducing capital gains /  deductible expenses in certain scenarios.

Just a shower thought.

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