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Rare NOS OEM Items for early 911 and Niki Lauda steering wheels

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Hi all,

I'm trying to do a bit of a clean up at home and get rid of some things I've hoarded for too long to fund some projects. I'll update this thread as I find things, it might be a bit slow as I'm quite time poor at the moment.

1. New old stock Porsche 911 Emergency Sunroof Crank Tool for Toolkit. Might have two of these. Will get pics during the week.
$350. Pickup in Melbourne or free express post Australia wide.

2. Niki Lauda 370mm steering wheel from momo signature series with the rare helmet horn button. I have a black and silver wheel and two helmet horn buttons. Both in immaculate condition, which took me 10 years to complete the set. For those that know their steering wheels, these are impossible to find lead alone in good condition and with the rarest helmet horn button.
Have a read below if you're interested in learning more about them: https://www.patipatina.com/momo-niki-lauda-370/
I have an old photo for now of my silver one and horn. I'll get better pictures when I take them both out of the cupboard during the week.

$2750 for each complete wheel and horn. Pickup in Melbourne or free express post Australia wide.




3. New Old Stock OEM Wheel nut keyed locknuts with x4 OEM Porsche keys. Again, impossible to find when I bought them 20 years ago. Can't imagine finding a set now, lead alone a new set. You'll find alot of the time these are on your option sheet (forged alloy wheel anti theft device - option 395) for 928 and 911. My 911 had the option, but no lock nuts when I purchased, as most of the time keys on these were lost, or the lock nuts damaged. I have two NOS identical sets. With manual and original plastic as pictured.
$400 Pickup in Melbourne or free express post Australia wide.


Any questions, feel free to PM






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Black Niki Lauda and a horn sold. 

Still got:

-Silver Lauda wheel with horn button as pictured 

-x1 set of lock nuts as pictured

-Rear reflector 

I'll try add some more items during the week. 

Pickup or free express post Australia wide. 

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$300 for the wheel nuts posted Australia wide. You won't find a brand new set cheaper with all four keys. 

Also have a set of selected steel Spanners from a 3.2 tool kit (will get pics), good condition. 

$400 posted Australia wide. 

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