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Fuel pump replacement

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Hi Yogesh,

The 924 turbo has an in tank fuel pump in series with an external pump.  The in tank fuel pump isn't required, and the car will work fine if it's not in operation.  I replaced my external fuel pump a few years back (old one was noisey) and it wasn't super difficult to source.... as I had a few minutes to burn I went looking at my notes, I bought the fuel pump for Super Cheap (think it's about the only item I've ever bought from Super Cheap). Bosch electric fuel pump 0580254053 (do your own research though ... I may have made a mistake).  Cost $242 in 2019.

Note that here are lots of things that seem like a bad fuel pump that are not.  Best to bridge the fuel pump relay and confirm pump doesn't work.  

I'm in Toowoomba,  don't know any 924 mechanics however might be able to help you out as there's not much I haven't touched on my 924 at some stage or the other.   924board.org has lots of good tech info as well. 

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