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Rain Go Away


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I have a problem with my 1986 911 when it gets caught parked in the rain.

Water appears to get in somewhere and then she won't start for a couple of days until things dry out. There is no obvious water in the engine area when you have a look.

Has anyone else had this problem and if you have how have you overcome it?




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Agree with jnr356 and you need to find out how the water is getting into your engine bay. First,spray your dizzy cap interior, leads, electrical contacts with WD40 or RP7 then get an old sheet or piece of canvas and pit it over your engine and electrics, shut the lid, then lightly spray the back of the car with a hose and then check where the water is coming in. REMOVE THE COVER and see if it will start , do you have a seal at the back of the engine bay that needs replacing?

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