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Starter Problems


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Hi All...

Am having starter motor problems. When used on long trip 1-1/2 hours long car is hot and solenoid/starter won't engage. Obviously voltage drop re the heat. It'll push start of course (but not a good look, the missus wasn't happy).

Have endeavoured to remove the starter, but cannot get the hex head nut on the far side of the starter undone. The car is an 88 3.2 with a G50 box. Have manufactured my own hex head spanners, but can't get enough purchase on them to free the **** thing.

I gave up removing and had my auto elec endeavour to fit a relay to boost the current, but for some reason when fitted, with the ignition in the on position only, it would crank, he changed the relay to a different kind, then the on position worked as it should, but once in the crank position it would NOT stop cranking.

SOOOOO, I have to remove this starter. Probably the only way I can see is to drop the motor lower, ie front engine mounts out and loosen the gearbox mounts, this should give me more room to get better purchase on my home made tool (so to speak).

Anybody got any thoughts I'd be happy to hear em!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi again manual is genuine Porsche, when you get the starter reconditioned ask if the solinoid contacts were burnt,if they were keep the relay unless you like removing the starter every couple of years :lol: Its all to do with voltage drop from the batt thru the ig switch, connectors etc that causes the problem Regards Peter

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Hi Peter...

Fantastic diagrams, just what I thought will have to happen, lowering the gearbox to get to the far side bolt undone.

Incidentally, I purchased a brand new battery, last week and after the problems with the auto elec and the relays (which I obviously have given up on), the new battery started the car perfectly all weekend whilst on a car rally around southern NSW.

BUT i know this is only a temporary fix. That starter has to come out sooner rather than later.

Will have to search for that service manual, it looks invaluable to me.

Thanks Peter for your help.

Best regards,


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