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Luxury Car Sir? No interest on Finance, Yes Sir

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Hi Guys, I have just returned from Canada where cars are certainly cheaper than here. From last week's papers, brand new cars - Jaguar XF zero interest for 5 years, Honda Accura 1.9% 3 yrs,Cadillac 1.9% 4 yrs, BMW 2.9% 5 yrs,Audi 1.9% 5 yrs, Lexuss $2000 discount 2.9% 4 yrs,Subaru 2.4% 4 yrs,Mercedes Benz 0.9-1.9% 5 yrs,Infiniti 1.9-2.9% 3 yrs,Land Rover 0% 5 yrs,Ford 0% 5 yrs,same for Lincoln, Hyundai, Mazda and Toyota,Volvo Discount $9000 plus $1000 accessories,don't mention cheap Mustangs or I'll begin weeping.

What's that I hear you ask, A PORSCHE, well we don't discount Sir but there is a "Canadian Currency Credits" up to $10,500, Boxster $4000, Cayman $4500,911 $9000, Cayenne $8000,Panamera$10,500 see porsche.ca/unexpected

Want something to tow your race car sir, how about a GMC Sierra Dual Cab 4 wd for $24598 0n the road.

Who pray tell me was the fool who made us RHD

I need to lie down now.


Paul M.

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