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964 replacemet gear shifter and gaiter


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Can anyone give me any tips on removing and replacing a worn gear shifter and gaiter for 964 . I looked at replacing the knob only ( the most worn bit), but it is in one piece with the gaiter so I have ordered the whole lot. Is there a trick in removing the exisiting ? Do I have to remove the entire centre console ? thanks

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Hi Jelus,

A couple of years ago I installed a WEVO short shifter and standard PSJ into my '75 Carrera with a 915 box.

Your 964 will have a G-50 box and I know they make one for it.


I am mechanically a novice, and this was my first job on my car other than replacing pads. I didn't have to deal with the issue of the console as earlier cars didn't have them, but I did find it to be a pretty easy job.

I did however, once installed, run it out to my mechanic who gave it the "once-over", and we made a slight adjustment.

Al up it took about 3 hours, definitely recommend it, and it made a considerable difference to the car, especially on the track.

PSJ coupler






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I am with Kerry. I put a WEVO short shifter into my 80 model 930 and it was the best mod i made to the car. I wasnt brave enough to do it myself but it wasnt costly to get my mechanic to do the install. Have a look at Pelican Parts website in the US. Great to deal with and speedy service.



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