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Cruise Control


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Hi all,

Still trying to get the cruise control upgrade working in my car.

The circuit wiring has been has been checked thoroughly for faults and there are none. Which points to the brain box.

All posts on 911 sites suggest that the control box is a known offender but I do not have the knowledge or equipment to check for faults.


Is there anybody out there that can check for faults?

Are there any known repair people that I can be pointed to?

Does anyone have one that I could test in my car?

This is driving me crazy and I am becoming a man possessed. I must make this work I have come too far not to.

I know that I would have been better off installing an after market unit using the Porsche switch but I wanted the original system so now I'm at a point of no return.

I hope someone out there can help.

R. Dave

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Hi Trav,

Sorry it took so long for me to post a reply, but I don't read the Forum everyday.

I have attached an email I sent back to jnr356 that got me starts on the road to recovery.

You might find it helpful and also amusing.

I am assuming that the the wiring and the vacuum lines are all OK and you do not have a blown fuse

R. Dave

Hi Mark,

Just another quick thank you for putting me on to Peter.

He gave me the contact company that does the repairs to the electronic components locally.

They are Injectronics based in Hallam. The only trouble is you can't deal with them directly as they are not taking on new accounts.


You have to deal with one of their dealers e.g. believe it or not Repco or Bursons, there maybe others.

It actually worked to my adavantage dealing with Repco as they bungled the whole operation, no surprise there, and did not take my faulty unit as a core deposit as they were supposed to. They were that confused with the transaction that I actually had it in the store with me whilst he rang Injectronics to find out what to do and still there was no no request for the old unit. He even had it in his hand. Unbelievable. The repair cost was $237 C/O not cheap but not unreasonable either. Especially since they didn't take the core back.

Peter seemed like a nice bloke on the phone but unfortunately he could not help as far as the electronic side of it was concerned. It was also out out of his working environment but he did put me on to Injectronics and the end result is that I now have a fully functioning cruise control. I was fairly sure that all the wiring was correctly installed and all the switching processes were OK so it only left the servo or the brain. The servo was holding vacuum on the diphragm and running extra servo wires into the cabin whilst operating the cruise switch normally whilst driving showed no results on the multimeter. Logically it left nothing but a faulty brain box.

Bloody project finished at last.

Thanks again


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