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New member and representative

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Hello everybody.

I’d like to introduce myself on these forums as an automotive enthusiast, future active forum member and specialist automotive supplier representative.

The company which I believe some of you may be interested in supply complete stainless steel exhaust components to Australian enthusiasts only. As part of our wide range of products we supply Porsche compatible components, currently ranging through some of the Boxster and 911 series.

Because we are a new organisation, our prices are extremely low compared to many places.

I hope to be able to contribute to these forums, especially within the technical sections, and be available for questions at any time.

All the best,

Parker – www.amoauto.com.au

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Sorry fellas, this website leaves me cold.

No address/phone number or other contact details other than an online form.

The site advises we should do our own research before ordering and trust that the product suits the car. The site specifically says the only refund is for damaged goods.

I would prefer to deal with a supplier that knows his stuff, is happy to advise and is prepared to support his product. With P. cars there are too many variables - especially with older cars.

Just my 2 cents worth...


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amoauto.com.au like any reputable organisation outline the contracts in which the customer agree into when purchasing, for the purpose of the customers well-being, rather than hiding it away. I find it a bit odd that some individuals are overwhelmed when they are advised to do further research to make sure that a product being displayed, is going to be compatible with their vehicle.

There are many variables, which is why every product displayed, has make/model/engine code/year/displacement listed to help the customer as much as possible. We specifically state that refund is for damaged goods on arrival only, for that exact reason why we state to make sure the component you order is compatible with your vehicle and you have not made a mistake on compatibility. Because once a manifold or system is built for a, example - Porsche 911, that component is not going to interchange and be compatible with a Toyota Yaris. We also state to ask an amoauto staff member for further details on compatibility by sending us a contact form - used to ease reply times and organisation, rather than having multiple contact points.

The above is simply common courtesy towards a potential customer. Not everybody is as self knowledged or confident in customising their cars themselves, and going to a specialist where they can supply and fit the products for you is not a crime, and amoauto have nothing against that. We supply low priced quality components to those who want it. There is no button or link which force you to buy.

Happy motoring-

Parker. :)

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