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Hi Paul,

As far as I know there is no group meeting of Porsche clubs in Australia.

There was a track event at Bathurst this year where I believe all the clubs were invited to attend, as well as the CARnival event organised by CAMS for October 2010, which was an invitation to ALL car clubs throughout Australia, but was cancelled due to lack of pre warning (now due for early next year I think).



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I thought that I had read somewhere that the official Porsche Clubs got together each second year. Seem to remember a Canberra meeting some years ago. Maybe it happened in the past, but not now. PCNSW just had a "concourse" with an entry of 170 (see their site), so even if NSW and Vic got together it would be a big event. Going to Cruden farm on the weekend, so that will have to be a long enough drive for now.


Paul M

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