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Performance Exhausts


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HI All,

I realise this may not appeal to everyone.

I'll set the scene...about a year ago i bit the bullet and fitted a set of SSI's and Dansk sport muffler to my 3.2.

Whilst i love the new exhaust note and increase in performance; i don't like (or to be truthful-absolutely hate) the big 80mm exhaust tip that sticks out of the rear of my car , which has now turned a lovely shade of yellow / gold!!!! :-(

Upon a recent visit to my mechanic for its annual check up i noticed an identical muffler to mine in his workshop which had arrived for another customer. What i found interesting about this was that the tip arrived separately and was not attached to the muffler and had to be welded on.

i noticed that the outlet hole on the muffler was only about 50m in diameter and the tip was 80m; same as mine!!! So a big exhaust tip on Dansk sport muffler is only there for show.

I was absolutely elated to learn that i could cut off my ugly tip and have welded on a 59mm tip (standard 3.2 size) and fit the black sleeve over the end which is also standard for these cars. So i did it.

The result is a standard looking car from the rear with the benefits of a performance exhaust.

Again i understand that this may not appeal to everyone and some people like big exhaust tips; but for those who don't this modification can be done and it cost me $150.00 to have the big tip cut off at the base of the muffler and fabricate a new stainless steel "standard looking" tip at a specialist centre.

Kind Regards


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Great story Danny,

Well mine is totally standard and rather quiet.

I have been thinking about an upgrade like yours.

Am looking forward to hearing yours at the next SMT we're on.

Like you I think I'd prefer the louder sound but the standard look.


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Hi Doug,

I am toying with the same treatment for the 996. They can sound a bit like a vacuum cleaner with the stock exhaust. Any suggestions out there in forum land for an economical way I can upgrade an exhaust (or part therof) to give it a nicer note?


Andy S

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They can sound a bit like a vacuum cleaner with the stock exhaust.

Have a look at this cheap mod to the standard exhaust to give it a bit more growl. I'm thinking of doing this with perhaps dual servos so I can switch it on and off from the cabin. Certainly sounds a lot better.




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Guest vas930

Careful what you do guys.

As I said the EPA has gone mad at the moment.

Thousands of casr booked in for noise tests.

Its harder to pass than you think.

I had my test yesterday :(

I know of a guy with a stock 3.2 who is having a hard time.

Yes, a stock 3.2.

If your car is post 1980 its even harder.

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