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Howdy all!

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Hey guys/gals,

Just wanted to say a quick hi. I'm a bit of a car nut and I'm looking at getting myself a 944 turbo. I'm a big fan of turbos in general and I have mucked around with a swag of turbo Subarus (had 5 different turbo Subarus in a row) which has culminated in a 2002 WRX STi which has very little on it that I haven't screwed around with. While I'm very happy with the little AWD terrors, I'm craving getting back into the fun world of RWD.

Anyway I'm looking around for something that will make a good street and track car. Also considering something like an RX-7 but I'd really prefer to have a Porsche in the garage than a Mazda. Besides, rotaries-meh.



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Hey Ben,

Welcome aboard!

I'm a bit of a rear engine tragic so forgive my lack of knowledge but, have a look at this one, certainly on the high end of the price bracket, but a very rare and collectable investment car... click here and then go to 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT (annoying website bug: I can't link the page for you)

Often said to be the most neutral handling of Porsches.... of course that is somewhat of a oxymoron to me.... but I believe I've heard someone (9fan?) mention the term "like its on rails" which can't be a bad thing! ;):D Nice write-up in a 911 mag recently about this car. Not sure that it would match the "throw you back in your seat" experience as a stinky REX, however speed isn't everything of course... LOL! Oh boy, I can hear the "torque tubers" coming after me for that one! <_<B)

run away....


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