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Paint repair

Stew F

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WARNING.. Not Porsche related.

I'm in the middle of doing a paint repair on my Mitsubishi Triton.  I needed to respray the sill panel near the driver's door where the paint had rubbed through from dragging legs and shoes across it while getting in & out.  I've done the prep, primer & top coat.  I had a colour match spray can done at the local Autobarns - nice match, second time around :angry:

How long should I wait before

  1. final sanding the top coat
  2. applying the first clear coat
  3. how long between clear coats? 

The paint guy told me  to do 1 light clear coat followed by a final wet coat with no sanding afterwards.

So far I've done a smashing job.


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Answers to Q1,2,&3 should be on the can.  


If you're already happy with the result, forget about sanding.  Leaving slight orange peel finish might be the best option.  That way it will match the rest of the car.  

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Thanks Harvs.  Unfortunately there's a label stuck over the original label which I could just see through, but not make out the writing below.  I googled the paint manufacturer, with success.  Apply the 1st clear coat after basecoat 1 hour flash time, followed by 2nd clear coat after 5 minutes. 



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