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964 Distributor Belt Change

Mike D'Silva

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When I bought my 964, it didn't have much service history, so I figured I may as well learn how to do a few things.

The twin distriubutor set up uses a toothed rubber belt.. simple really. But I had never pulled a dist from any car before....

I recommend doing LOTS of cleaning before pulling it.. I changed the o-ring seal at the bast of the dist shaft, even though it wasn't leaking.. 

Also here's a photo of the belt that came out.. Whilst I'm sure impending doom was far away, I still feel much better for having done it.







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I like how you just get into it without frigging around.  I could take a leaf outta your book!

Has your distributor been fitted with the ozone vent kit?

On mine I found that someone hadn't installed the second rotor fully home on the shaft so it was dragging on the distributor cap.  Besides creating a heavier load on the belt it also meant that that second set of plugs were running fully retarded all the time and not adding much to the whole shebang.   New rotor, cap and belt fixed it and made it creamy smooth to redline. 


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I bought the genuine vent kit from Porsche and am yet to fit it... 

Actually, the belt was installed over a month ago... but trust me, I did a lot of time wasting reading up on it and doing the job.

I'd never survive as a Porsche mechanic!

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