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Boxster 987's - life after 100,000km


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A couple of questions to people who actually own 987 Boxsters

(1) while the air cooled cars seem happy enough to keep trucking on past 300,000 km ( albeit with a freshen up) what is the experience with Boxster 987 after 100,000 km? Can these engines deliver long life and do they get rattley / noises in the cabin after 100,000km.? 


(2) what direction have the 987 3.4 litre Boxster owners taken on IMS ( replaced ims or crossed fingers and hoped). 

As as you may gather I am trying to assess if these are 'but it, drive it and love it forever' like the early cars were if if they have a defined like of say 200,000 after which they feel tired. 


Keento to get some actual 987 owners thoughts.

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I don't think there is many 987s here with really high kilometres on them.  I did just see someone on the Facebook Porsche Boxster group talk about having 197,000km on their 987.  So maybe trying these questions on a international stage might get you more responses.

Sorry I can't give more concrete info.  Mine only had 47,000 on it when I sold it (give or take a few).


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