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Lionel Otto Instruments

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I did a quick search and realized these guys havent been listed in this section.

Lionel Otto Instruments in Salisbury QLD offer VDO gauge refurbishment.

I just went through them after trying to repair the Odometer gear after it had fallen to pieces, and in the process ended up snapping my speedometer needle. (Yes, that night, there wasnt enough alcohol and fluffy puppies in the world to make me feel better...).

They were able to install a second hand spindle, calibrate and replace the damage Odometer gear for $218, compare this to the price of a 930 300KM/h Speedometer from Germany (for reference ~400euro), Im incredibly happy. Thanks again John.

Details as follows:

124 Evans Rd, Salisbury QLD 4107

 (07) 3277 3888
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