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Lotus Elise 111R - anyone owned one before?

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I have a 1984 Carrera, just like you, and I also have a Lotus Elise. 

Mine is a series 1 with a Honda engine.  A properly sorted Elise is a delight and fun, very fast car.  Early cars with the Rover motor are likely to have/ or to have had head gasket issues.  There's lots of stories about motor explosions but if you leave the engine standard, they are no better/worse than any other.  However, the Honda transplant is the way to go; it is the engine that the chassis deserves and there are many that have the same conversion as mine. 

Series 1 cars are becoming sought after; very basic, very light and very competitive in the right hands.  With a Honda engine you get more horsepower, 6 speed close ratio box and LSD and transform the car into a weapon. 

You'll get a lot of information and help if you go to this website and sign up:



The Lotus community is excellent and Club Lotus Australia is a first rate club.  Good luck.

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