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Lock King Bayswater

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The recently acquired 911 had some wheel locks fitted but no key to be found. Tried a few different lock smiths over the phone and it was all too hard. PCM Melb couldn't help either.

Drove past Lock King in Bayswater last week and thought 'What the hell. I'll go in and ask.'

Told them I couldn't drive the car and could they possibly come to the house and have a look. No problem. Guy was there on Tuesday waiting in the van (it was hot) and he asked for a drink of water. (Should have told him to let himself in!) Showed him the car and went upstairs to get the water. Came back with it and he'd already picked one lock. Took it a way and rang about 2 hours later and said key was cut. Picked it up on Friday and Hey Presto - all locks now off so I can get wheels off to get to the brakes.

Well done guys and big thanks.

Lock King
Address: 343 Bayswater Rd, Bayswater VIC 3153
Phone:(03) 9720 4949
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