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Independant Porsche servicing around Perth WA


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I am looking to relocate by end of 2016 north of Perth approx. 25-30 klms and I am brining my 996C4S in as a personal import. I am looking for recommended independent servicing for it around Perth say radius of 30k. Any recommendations and approx. costs welcomed. As a guide to anyone out there current costs for a service at my current indy Carrera Engineering in the UK is for 12k miles (20K klms) $440 and 24K miles (38K klms) $770. Any help appreciated. 

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Welcome to the forum and Perth is a lovely city. I've lived here for the last 9yrs and all three of my daughters have been born here. I'm sure you will love the warmth and sunshine compared to the UK :)

Your main options for independents in Perth are listed below.

K-tec in Osborne Park are the only one listed north of the river and would be the closest.

As for service $ from my experience, say ~$500-600 +AUD for a minor service on a 3.2 Carrera, ~ $1500+AUD for major service (valve adjustment etc) with no issues.  I hope this helps some.....

Andy Stack, RennSport Motors
Small Porsche-only workshop
Telephone (08) 9336 3911
11 Pamment Street, North Fremantle WA 6159
Email: Andy.RS@Bigpond.com

Medium size Porsche specialist, check website
72 Howe Street, Osborne Park
Telephone (08) 9227 8911


Richard James, RPJ Motorsport
Small Porsche-only workshop
U15/ 96 Briggs St, Welshpool
Telephone (08) 9472 4600

There's also Swan Porsche Parts but much further away to the East.

Plus, there is:

Chellingworth Motors (main dealer)

101 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands WA 6009
08 9273 3131


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Hi there,

I realise I'm digging up a dead thread, but I'd rather not start a new one when some of the info I needed was in this one.

Looking to buy my first Porsche. Loved the marque for a long, long time. Drove a 981 PDK for a week recently and was hooked. Not on the PDK bit, though! I am wondering if those independents listed specialise in certain cars? Are some air-cooled only specialists? Is there any one shop who knows their way around later (996+) models better than others? Can all the shops "do everything" you need to do with you car?

Thanks for the help.

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