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987 S


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I guess this is where we introduce ourselves.

1st time Porsche owner having just picked up my 06 3.4 Boxster S last weekend. I've added a few pics to share - apologies that they're the dealer's pics off Carsales, but you'll have to wait for me to stop driving it so I can take some of my own!



I usually get my petrol-head kicks on two wheels:


But might be convinced to get the Boxster out on track once in a while.

Hope I can contribute to the forum from time to time - I know I'll be picking all your brains as much as I can!

- Rob

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Welcome aboard Rob.

I'm not sure whether we'll be able to convert you from 2 to 4 boots on the track, but I can vouch for the cleaner undies when you loose half your wheels on a wet corner!

Look forward to your questions and seeing you at the track next year...


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