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Porsche station wagon for 2017


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Some news to firm up the slightly aged rumours




A wagon version of Porsche’s revamped Panamera four-door coupe is due to be shown at the Geneva motor show in March and go on sale in subsequent months, said the people, who asked not to be identified before an official announcement. The variant would mark Porsche’s latest venture beyond its sports-car roots after branching out into sport utility vehicles with the Cayenne in 2002.

Porsche has sold more than 150,000 Panameras since the car’s rollout in 2009, but deliveries waned as the model aged. It’s questionable to what extent a wagon version will help. The body style is mainly popular in Europe, while in the U.S. and China, Porsche’s biggest markets, customers who want space and luxury tend to opt for upscale sport utility vehicles, such as Porsche’s Cayenne and Macan. Still, the costs to develop such a derivative are moderate, and Mercedes has enjoyed success by reeling in new buyers with the wagon version of the CLS.

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