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PCNSW Supersprint no 5

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Yesterday , Sydney Motorsport Park ( Eastern Creek ) , Supersprint No 5 ( last one for the year ) held on the North Circuit , early morning light rain , clearing by the time of the first speed group hit the track just after 9 am , but with light rain reappearing just after lunchtime & then clearing again

Good turn out of this and last century Porsche's & a good turn out of GT3's & the GT3's were split between different classes , some running racing slicks ( OA class ) & some running "R" spec tyres = class 1 or even class 2

Note }  Supersprints are not about racing each other , its about the best lap time recorded

Sean Buchanan in his 1986 3.0L Twin Cam 16V E85 951 ( 944 Turbo ) drove well , couldn't beat his previous best time , but this is understandable as he was running "R" spec tyres that have been used over the last three years ( way way way too many heat cycles ) , they ( R spec tyres ) are at their best within a few heat cycles ( let alone hundreds ), but that said Sean still won his class ( Class 1 )

Mark Bloxham in his 3.0L 8 V  E85 951 ( Sean built this car for Mark ) ) came in a close 2nd place in Class 1

Coming in 3rd place in Class 1 was a   991 GT3

There is one more PCNSW motor-sport event remaining for this year & its the last Motorkhana event , this will be the event that will decide the outcome of the Drivers Championship & the Motorkhana Championship for 2016

Sean is leading in both these championships at the moment , but we all know that anything can & does happen in Motor-sport ( we are not counting our chickens before they hatch )

Good to see a 30 year old last century Porsche to take the fight up against the latest and greatest Porsche's & do well as well , but then again the car is only 30% of the equation , the 70% is the driver , without a driver the car just sits there doing nothing


Bruce Buchanan
Buchanan Automotive

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