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For Sale - 911SC 3.0L Engine and 915 Gearbox

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Running 3.0L engine and good condition 915 gearbox need new home.

$10K for engine and $5K for gearbox. 

You are welcome to inspect the engine running in my project car before I remove it next week. Also, I can send you videos of engine running/idling.


The Reason For Selling...
My wife has discovered my secret project 911 and I am selling off the 3.0L and 915 gearbox (gearbox not included in this listing) in a last ditch effort to at least be able to keep the E body shell.

Hopefully selling off the engine and gearbox will mean I don't have to sell the rest of the shell.

Engine is running, but would do with a descent service and freshen up while out of the car. No oil leaks. A little smoke on start up. Revs well through the range.


History of Engine
The owner prior to the previous owner apparently spent bucket loads of money rebuilding the engine in 1990. The owner apparently went bankrupt and reported the engine stolen and got paid out by the insurance company. The insurance company then discovered the engine was sitting in the owner's shed and took legal action against him for insurance fraud. The NSW Police removed the previous engine number from the case and issued a nice shiny new one beginning in "N" and ending in "P".

Engine has been registered in NSW and Qld since (with the Qld ergo lapsing in 2014). 


PM me, or call me (0403 278 349), if you are interested.

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