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Buchanan Automotive

PCNSW Drivers Championship 2016

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Today ,Sydney Motorsport Park ( EasternCreek ) , last competition event for 2016 & today was the decider on who would take out the PCNSW Drivers Championship & the PCNSW Motorkhana Championship ( Autocross ) , meaning the points earned during this year's Supersprint & Motorkhana events meant that there were quite a few competitors who were in the running for 1st , 2nd, or 3rd outright in the Drivers Championship ( combined points of Supersprint & Motorkhana) & also 1st , 2nd & 3rd in the Motorkhana Championship , so all the front runners in their this & last century Porsche's were very keen to say the least 

 Bigger than normal turnout of Porsche's competing today ( booked out & then some ) , perfect weather conditions , not that it matters much as the Motorkhana is mostly run on a wet course , Sean Buchanan in his 1986 3.0L 16V Porsche 951 ( 944 Turbo ) took an early lead in the Motorkhana sessions & his lead extended a bit further by the end of the last session , just as well because Sean hit a cone ( this means you are penalised 5 seconds ) , but his lead was big enough to absorb that penalty  

Sean Buchanan has won the Porsche Club of NSW  Drivers Championship for 2016  & if that wasn't enough he has also won the Porsche Club of NSW Motorkhana Championship for 2016 as well 

Once we get the final results of the other places I will post them up 

Congratulations to Sean for great driving throughout the year &  superb car preparation ( essential in a 30 year old Porsche that is competing at this level & is a daily drive car )

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out during the year & congratulations to all who competed during the year 


Bruce Buchanan

Buchanan Automotive 

PS } I really do not know how Sean wins in Motorkhana in his way too stable & very quick 3.0L  951 , on paper its the most unlikely Porsche to do well in this event , I would much rather be in a Boxter Tip or a Boxter / Cayman with PDK , much easier to flick around the cones on the Motorkhana course 

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Congrat's Sean,

Well done (again)

I am to keen to hear who was providing the pressure and came  2nd and 3rd in Motorkhana this year....



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