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FS - 1971 2.2E engine and parts

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Engine number 6210238, 1971 2.2E longblock with non MFI '74 heads and unknown non MFI cams. $7500

in pretty good shape and still at Autowerks where it has been checked out. I can provide contact details if you would like to have a chat to them about it. 


Complete MFI setup for 71E  $7500

Engine fan and housing in good shape $700

Alternator $400

Reconditioned behr engine oil cooler $500

Engine electrical panel with 3 pin cdi $800

Correct green engine shroud in excellent condition $500


PM me with an email address if you need photos




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Thanks @TrevMcRev - I have actually spoken with Ash several times. Great bloke. His engine is very very very close to my original numbers (approx 80 off).  Close, but no cigar. :( 

Fingers crossed you can negotiate that roof for me. If you can negotiate it for me this week, I'I'll definitely keep KLASSSSY!!! 

@Ashbaxter - good luck with the sale of your engine! I have been following your restoration on the 901 forum. You car is looking bloody awesome! Also, great find on the NIL miles E engine!  Well done mate. 

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