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991.1 vs 991.2 Turbo Buying Advice


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Hello all,

New to the forum. I thought I'd start a thread asking a few questions. 

I recently sold my daily car and am currently in the market for a 991 911 Turbo. So I have a few basic questions, sorry in advance if the answers are obvious but I'm completely new to Porsche. 

1: Is it worth paying the price differential between the 991.1 and 991.2 for the 911 Turbo? 

2: There don't seem to be may available online- is that because stock is limited or because Porsche dealers don't really advertise? There aren't any series 2 at all. There are around 8 or 9 series 1 models. 

3: Assuming I do go for the 991.2, the price factor is confusing. There is such a large difference dealer to dealer. Is that primarily due to options? I guess the question is, how should I approach the dealer and more importantly, what is a fair price to pay for a series 2 turbo model (floor stock)? 

4: Lastly, if I stick with the series 1, what is a fair price to pay for a used low km model?

Any input is appreciated and thank you for your time. :)



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Hey guys,

A few quick mobile phone pics. 









Why not the R8? 

Subjectively- Don't like the looks, looks too much like an elongated TT. Amazing engine and very fast vehicle, but it still feels like it's trying too hard to be a Lamborghini without actually being one (yes I know the link haha). 

I feel the Porsche is an overall amazing drive and a very well rounded and balanced vehicle and I've driven a lot of amazing vehicles- this is right up there. 

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