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911 Child seat


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Fits nicely in the back of my previous 997 911 Cabriolet, so should fit coupes too I guess. 

Pickup in Surry Hills if anyone wants it 

i can't upload pics due to the very extremely small kb limit on here 


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Hey everyone

Sorry for not replying yesterday, got quite a few PM's as well and thanks diamond911 for the offer to host the picture for me

Since I've had a few takers I'll have to check who messaged first and offer it to them first


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Kind of a funny outcome this morning. 

Someone was on his way to collect the seat and when he typed in the address it said 10 hours and nearly 900km to get here, as he thought I was in SURREY hills, Melbourne, when I am in fact in Surry Hills, sydney. We had a laugh about it ?.... 

so vroomvroomblacksheep I've sent you a PM, it's  now available again :) 

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