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RACE MAGAZINE - relaunch


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for those who used to buy it and for those who now can.. RACE MAGAZINE after a brief hiatus , is back on the news stands.. bucking the trend... a local home brew published magazine.


whats better is the publisher is none other than Jim AKA  @SteamWolf


the mans mans car magazine ...you'll find ittle arty images and unintelligible font overlaid here... just pjenty of solid 'no wankery'info 

Also after speaking with Jim, if you've got interesting pics and or content thT you think are worthy of the mag... give jim a call.

He's even got jiggy and is on IG 


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"No wankery info" damn that excludes most of us then .. I thought thats why Pcars have evolved to PDK Michel ?

.. one hand on the wheel, the other free, for expression.

We wanna see a picture of you inside that mag , hiding out in alibabas cave, oh leader of the porsche picker paradise club



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Mate you've called me ... chicanery wankery machinery ... think Jim was a calling me yesterday to issue me a cease n desist order.. 

been sitting on my one hand , but if stars align    and the team assembled, 'flaming red caboose of desire' ...the siren lure  2018 speedweek lake Gairdner f3 junior beckons...

revkon that might get me a retromod Jack chaise longe, centrespread. Though reckon @Skidmarks wouldn't be averse 

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