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718 Cayman

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Put the Carrera in for a service today & had a 718 2ltr PDK Cayman as a loaner, 3,000 odd Ks, dark grey silver with 20" black gloss wheels. Looked the goods plus!! 


Sounded like a WRX on steroids, better than you would think,

Handled like a go kart, stunning!

Fit & finish were 1st class,

So much punch from the turbo engine,

Strangely the  PDK felt like  it was not perfectly matched to the engine, in laymans terms the PDK felt " bigger" ?? than the engine, very strange. 

Like to drive the bigger engine, but the Cayman chassis is second to none. 

Impressed as I was, when i  got back in the 991.2 there was a much bigger gap between the 718 & the 991.2. 

I have driven the 991.1 against the previous Cayman 981 & thought the gap was marginal, but now the gap between the 991.2 & 718 is much more pronounced. Is this deliberate?

First world issues, I'd be happy with either.




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I had my Cayman serviced on Monday at PCM, they keep giving me MACAN's this one was an S with all the goodies....

It was great, but I wish they would give me a 718 next time.

I think I made the  mistake a couple of years back by telling the service bloke I liked the look of the Macans.  

I reckon they took a note of that and keep putting me in one.   Time to change my preference I think, and see what happens. 

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