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PCNSW Motorkhana Rounds 3 & 4

Buchanan Automotive

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Today EasternCreek ( Sydney Motorsport Park ) , PCNSW  Motorkhana No 4 ( last one for the year ) & the decider for the PCNSW Motorkhana Championship for 2017 


  A front engine'd last century massively outdated Porsche up against the latest & greatest Porsches from this century going head to head


But first of all , the round 3 on the 27th September( two weeks ago ), Sean Buchanan in his 1986 951 ( 944 Turbo ) had a brain fade ( yes he is human ) and as Sean said "he just Stuffed up"  , Sean on one run going hard( quick ) into the course , spun  out  and stalled his 3.0L Turbo engine ( runs on E85 ) and these conditions ( on boost and then stall ) it will over fuel & he result is very hard to restart the engine ( 10-15 seconds later ) = a life time in Motorkhana time frame he was able to re- start the engine & completed the run , Sean was able to make up some time in later runs ,but in overall ( whats good for the event ) terms its a godsend because it gives the other Porsche competitors that were running 2nd & 3rd etc a great opportunity to make up some much needed time & thats what happened & Sean came in on that day 3rd outright by a faction of a second & it made today the big decider 


So back to Today , Motorkhana no 4 ( last one for the year ) , Sean calculated to get a clear win he needed a massive 16 to 18 second win over the 2nd place to take out the Motorkhana Championship , this in Motorkhana times is virtually impossible , 2 or 3 seconds win overall is the norm , so 16 to18 seconds is just a rare event ( I don think its ever happened ? ) , so not likely , but not impossible 


Sean( more focused today ) was in the lead at halfway through todays Motorkhana , leading the this century Porsche's by 2 seconds & by the end of todays competition he was 3 seconds , so todays final outright win goes to Sean in his 951 , but in Motorkhana Championship terms ( because of round 3 )  Sean has ended up equal 1st with a great competitor Andrew Hibbard in his 986 Boxter S , but there can not be two equal firsts( I think )  , so there will probably be a count back on seconds & split seconds of ( time ) over the 4 Motorkhana 's to see who wins the Championship for the year ( at least I think thats how it works ? )


It really doest matter at all because the close finish means the event itself is the winner because its not that much fun when one competitor wins over & over again & yes I know we all would think its fun , but its not good in "overall " event terms 


So we will see how it all pans out , great day for all the competitors & volunteers 


Fantastic driving guys & gals 


Great to see outdated last century Porsche's with no ABS or anything else for that matter can still compete at the pointy end of the field



Bruce Buchanan

Buchanan Automotive 

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