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Proper introduction with a Cayman S


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Hi all,

I made a couple of posts around Rennsport last year, but it's time I stopped lurking and made a proper introduction.

I've recently bought a 2006 Cayman S which I'm slowly familiarising myself with - it's just a weekend car and life is busy so I haven't had the chance to go on a 'proper' drive in it just yet.

But after a month of legwork buying the car in Brisbane, then getting it down to Melbourne and registered, the few glimpses I've had of what it can do have been pretty magical.

Anyway I will let these pictures do the talking - GT Silver with Sea Blue interior.



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Thanks, I was very pleased to find this colour combination - if I were to go back to 2006 and buy new it would have been one of my preferred options, so to find it second hand was a bit of a jackpot for me.

Another thing that drew me to this car was that somebody had gone a bit crazy with the interior options - leather door cards, dash top, demister trim and AC Vents, and silver rear centre console, door handle surrounds and armrest/oddment compartment lids, as well as sports seats and steering wheel. It makes it quite a nice place to be, and there's less soft touch plastic to go bad - I've owned and seen enough 90s/2000s Alfas to be very mindful of that.

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