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Wanted to hire/borrow: 996 transmission mount tool


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Hi All,

Need to replace my transmission mount on my 99 911 996 and i have read the instructions... removal of the transmission is not high on my list of fun.

Does anyone in Melbourne have one of these tools and want to hire/lend it out i would be appreciative?




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On 6/30/2018 at 3:34 PM, simon watt said:

WHATS that for Taff

This is to press out the transmission mount on a manual gearbox in a 996 with the gearbox in the car.

Actually wish PCM had one because they advised they couldnt replace the mount on my car - preventative maintenance for me anyway so it can wait.

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Hi Taffy,

Did you end up finding an extracting tool? Or a solution to extracting your trans mount? I am in the same boat. My C4's mount needs to be replaced and I'm trying to avoid dropping the trans. And avoid the cost of buying the AGA trans tool. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Hey Tim, 

removal was using a hacksaw to cut the rubber and then into the mount until I could crack it and push it out. See pelicans guide.
In was a pig, made a pusher using plate, tube and high tensile all thread... get the correct tool as it took me all day of getting different packers from around the workshop to get it to sit. I had to support the transmission off it’s mounts in the car to get clearance. All this was on a hoist, no way would I try it would the right tools on the ground.

996.2 Mercedes box looks way easier. Bolt on mount.

Doing again, would buy the tool and then look at selling it after. 


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