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J Clarkson explains the 911 range


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"that is a great car, if you know what you're doing..." - 996 turbo

Says it all really doesn't it?!

Ah the J.C. rhetoric! He obviously dug his heals in very early in his career with regard to his dislike of the 911 engine arrangement. There have been even more recent reviews of 911s (GT3/TURBO ETC) which he has lauded even more, but will always finish the reveiw with something like - "but it'll KILL you!"

It certainly goes a long way to talking about what a magnificent car the 996 turbo is in the wet with the Stig though....



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Hey Chris,

Don't let JC's opinions effect your thinking. They are all great cars.

He's a funny entertainer who needs to appeal to populist sentiment. His audience don't even know the difference between understeer and oversteer :D

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