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Front Strut Question

Mike D'Silva

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I have elected to change out my strut inserts.. they are Bilstein and I did order new Bilstein inserts.


My question is related to the lack of a dust cover on my struts. Not sure why it doesn't have it... When I replaced my rear shock absorbers, they have with new dust covers..  My new front inserts did not come with any as I assume they are supposed to be part of the strut assembly. (this is the first OLD car I have worked on).

Can I use the old dust covers from my old rear shocks, on my front end?



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26 minutes ago, Mike D'Silva said:

Do you know if there is meant to be another rubber bung or washer, between the dust cover and the chassis? 

Hmm...I recall this has been discussed before on Pelican or Rennlist. I think some cars (?USA ones)did have a washer, which raise the car a tiny bit.
Mine doesn't and the parts diagram for your year doesn't show any washer.

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