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996.2 headlights bulb replacement options


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Hi All,

So one of my bulbs blew, and time for a change, seems there's a fair few options/conversion kits these days. 

Anyone here tried and happy with any of the HID or LED conversion kits? or just kept their current halogens (which i have)


Would love something a little brighter than stock (as stock are pretty woeful.) ( and dont' want to cut into anything either).



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I've guessing you've just got the stock halogen (non-optioned) lights not the HID/Litronic/Bixenon version which was an option on the 996.2. Mine came with the bi-xenon and they work fantastic. I would think that if you can get yourself a litronic set they might almost just be plug and play.

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Yeah non litronic. Litronic lights are a touch expensive at the moment. ~5k for the set or more.


Looking at a few options seems there's a lot of tech these days,  at the moment deciding between HID / LED conversion kits. seem pretty plug and play, no heavy modifications required.

Not the most legal, but will make sure they are aimed correctly (getting blinded by most new SUV's anyway)


deciding between:

https://www.stedi.com.au/led-conversion-kit-to-suit-porsche.html - may be overkill.. and law enforcement attracting.


some ebay 35W , 4300K HID conversion kit  - there's millions of brands. - but probably the safer (OEM look) option. 

As i have projector lenses, seems it'll be ok converting and not be too obvious/ bad for oncomers with rays being scattered.


anyone had any success with HID conversions? 



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I did a HID conversion on my 4X4, since removed as they would flicker and they also run very hot. I have a haze from heat the on the inside of the plastic chrome lenses, so I’m back to standard light globes with a higher wattage.

In the end the strobe like flicker effect pissed me off so out they came. LED is the go, but also watch out for the heat with these too. STEDI is great gear, I have two STEDI light bars on the 4X4 with no problems, great quality. 


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thanks for the response fraz, do you know if you went with the higher power ones HID's? 55W - 70W?

Anyway I've gone ahead to get a philips bulb HID kit with 35W, 4300K kit, ... not the cheapest kit, so hopefully the quality is there, and those specs seem the most recommended around the other forums, decrease chances of burning and increase longevity.


If it doesn't work out will try the Stedi kit, but not read of many people doing the LED replacements just yet.

very interesting though, most local shops don't even do HID kits anymore, they've all moved to LED kits. i guess technology moves on.


I've also read some higher power halogen will melt the inside of the lens too.


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