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718 T Boxter and Cayman coming to AUS


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47 minutes ago, Stephen Tinker said:

My old Mazda MX5 sounds better than that, and nowhere near as good as my 986 Boxster S under acceleration.....

Though that Boxster T probably goes a lot faster than either of them.

the noise isn't ideal to say the least although it's not as offensive as it used to be, apparently they've re-tuned it.

It's such a shame because the rest of the car seems pretty good.

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14 hours ago, Merv said:

I have heard worse.  Certainly seem to have the 'go', but at idle is sounds ... not like a Porsche, at least of modern times.

I'd describe it as bearable. This channel also has a full review of the car and they love it , saying it's so good you forget about the sound. It seems that Porsche are bringing the N/A 6 back for a new 718 GTS following the GT4 and Spyder, so maybe they're listening to the criticism.

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