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AU Lighting - US import

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Do you have a US long hood import on club or full reg? Curious to know what changes you had to make to your lights for RWC. (excluding RHD H4s - done!)? 

US spec front:

Signal: Amber

Side Marker: Amber

Parking light: Amber (second filament in signal bulb)

• '74 onwards H4 has parking light in main parabola. AU / EU  parking light or sometimes called city lights is located in small clear window of signal lens next to horn grille. US housings missing the small parabola and bulb holder / Lens all amber.


US spec rear:

Stop / Tail: Red

Back up: White

Signal: Amber

Side Marker: Amber


RWC pre inspection told me I need rear parking light to be red not amber!

Parking lights - 2005 ADR: White in front, red at the rear, amber if reciprocally incorporated with side –direction-indicators or side marker lamps.

Side Marker Lights - 2005 ADR: Amber to the front, red to the rear.
For side-marker lamps complying with ADR 74/00 and fitted according to paragraph 6.18 of Appendix A of this vehicle standard, the lamp must emit amber light to the front and rear except for the rearmost lamp which may emit red light.

from these ADR's it would seem I should be able to negotiate no change? Down side is the front turn signals are really dull with lights on!

many thanks!


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I just had to change the rear tailight covers . I bought euro front turn signal boxes and lenses (but i converted from short to long hood

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Thx for input Privatepang.

Do you still have an amber side marker light at the front with the eu front box and would you mind checking where and what colour your rear parking light and markers are please?

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